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  • In May 2018 new laws came into effect in Ireland and across Europe that govern how personal information is stored and processed. This new regulation is referred to as GDPR or The General Data Protection Regulation.   GDPR applies to;
    • the processing
      • any operation(s) performed on personal data, whether or not by automated means
      • collecting, recording, organising, storing, adapting, altering, consulting, using, disclosing, sharing, erasing, destroying…
    • of personal data
      • any information relating to an identified or identifiable living person
    • by a data controller
      • alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data
    • or a data processor
      • processes personal data on behalf of a data controller
      Personal Information would Include some of the following;  
    • Name, address, email, telephone
    • Age, gender, marital status
    • ID or registration number
    • PPSN
    • Passport, ID card, Drivers Licence
    • Photograph
    • Clock-in cards/timesheets
    • Education and training information
    • Health information, medical reports, sick notes, medical history
    • Employment details, CVs
      As part of our GDPR policy we require that all our clients read and sign our Data Processing Agreement. It outlines our policy on  
    • What data we will collect
    • How we will process it
    • Who it will be shared with
      We would appreciate if you could take the time to read this agreement carefully and fill in your company details in the form at the end of the agreement,   Once these details have been completed and the agreement submitted we will email you a copy of the agreement so you will have a copy for your own records.

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