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 Welcome To Synergy Bookkeeping

We are a Dublin based Professional Bookkeeping Service with a difference.

Our services are designed around our client’s specific requirements. We have extensive knowledge of Bookkeeping & Financial Experience within the Bar and Hotel Sector and can give advice and continuous support bringing your business to the next level.


We are physical onsite to ensure we have a broad understanding of how your business operates; this gives us a unique edge as we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

We guarantee to give monthly meaningful and useful accounting information and reports that make sense to you and your business, helping to increase your bottom line.

Synergy Bookkeeping specialises in in providing bookkeeping service to the hospitality sector. So if you are a Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Sports Club or Social Club then we have the ideal service custom tailored for you and your business.

Bookkeeping for the hospitality industry, differs from accounting and bookkeeping for other industries. Apart from larger volumes of transactions from patrons during the lunchtime rush or evening peak-times, to taking stock of kitchen supplies, noting inventory, deciding on vendors and carrying out the purchases, the hospitality bookkeeping job list can stretch into a long one, very quickly.

Ensure Accurate & Up To Date Bookkeeping

Further, all rules that apply to bookkeeping for other industries are applicable here as well. Most business decisions, including investments and expansion strategies will depend on the businesses performance. As a result, a business owner in this sector needs to ensure that finances are in order; the first step is to ensure accurate and up to date bookkeeping.

Critical business decisions need updated financial records, regardless of the type of industry the business belongs to. For a hotel, restaurant, pub or club to function smoothly, it must ensure that all bookkeeping records are updated and accurate.

Timely, Accurate & Useful Reports

Whether it is taking stock of food and beverages inventory, or managing staff working hours and salary, or managing the entire cash flow, the business has to remain on top of its bookkeeping and data entry.

For those involved in the hospitality business, time is in short supply. That is why Synergy has created this specialist bookkeeping service. Our service lets you spend your time where it is most needed…running your day to day operations.

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